Iran Kaveh Saipa Company Ethical Charter

about us

Believing in human dignity and striving to raise the level of respect for the organization's audience

Multi-faceted and inter-related communication between the organization and the audience

A firm belief in the right of the public to receive information on the status and actions of the organization, as well as the need to reflect their views, suggestions and information to the authorities.

Planning and research to build a strong communication bridge between the audience and the organization using scientific and artistic methods

Involvement of people and audience of the organization in decision making and implementation of in-company and out-of-company plans and applying customer strategic preferences in product design and manufacturing

Trying to push the rules, facilities and capabilities of the organization towards the actual needs of the audience

Adhering to professional ethics and emphasizing sacred religious standards in dealing with audiences

Work to build understanding between management and personnel through cross-discourse and promote communication between staff and management

Informing and informing and reporting on the flow of affairs, events and activities to internal audiences and the general public in order to know that awareness is a natural right.

Provide any information required by audiences and buyers in accordance with the laws and regulations of the organization

Cultivate and teach correct and appropriate job behaviors by educational videos

Eliminate unnecessary formalities and avoid customer lags

Show patience, patience and modesty in dealing with the client

Improvement of culture and promotion of religious, ethical values ​​in organizational and occupational behavior of employees

Thanks to our customers for the rational and valuable protests that can point to the weaknesses of the organization and possibly the products.

Use constructive criticism and customer feedback as a key opportunity